Our Story

Anthea’s is the reflection of our desire for a healthy, natural way of living!  Having lived in cities all our lives, putting our bodies and souls under great pressure, we suddenly felt the need to change “something” in our daily habits.


Living in Greece, a country truly blessed for its organic resources and natural beauty, meant that deep inside we knew what our next step would be. Kea (also called Tzia) is a beautiful island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, that we had been visiting for many years  while on holidays, and always had a very special, positive effect on us. Gradually we decided that we wanted to spend more and more time there, and soon found ourselves absorbed with the nature of the island and organic farming! Starting Anthea’s has motivated us even more to return to our roots, our traditions and to discover all these treasures that nature is generously offering us.


We hope, that you too will enjoy our natural products and enter Anthea’s World which is filled with nature’s good energy and serenity, appreciation for the beautiful things that surround us, and optimism for what the future holds for us.





P.S It is never too late to take care of your body, pamper your soul and cherish the special moments in life!