Anthea’s ultra-modern honey bottling unit!

Anthea’s ultra-modern honey bottling unit!

In Anthea's facilities in the area of Mylopotamos in Kea island, we are operating our ultra-modern honey bottling unit! This ensures that the process of honey extraction, storage and bottling of all our bee products is made in accordance with EU Legislation, while at the same time our company has been certified with the ISO 22000:2005 for applying a food safety management system according to international standards.

Our honey is produced and harvested responsibly, following carefully any updates on sound ecological beekeeping practices without the use of chemicals or harmful substances.

For us it is a beautiful challenge to "marry" traditional beekeeping practices with the use of modern production and packaging equipment. We fully respect the requirements of the health authorities and our consumers and our ultimate goal is to ensure the excellent quality of our products while highlighting the rich flavors and aromas of the Cycladic land!

By watching the video/tribute below, made by the Chamber of Cyclades Islands, you too can enter into the magical world of Anthea's! See our crops of organic prickly pears and almond trees, our beehives and our modern honey bottling facilities!

We would like to thank the Chamber of Cyclades Islands, who visited and promoted through this video our brand new facilities!