Anthea’s At The PYRNA Deli – OPEN DAY!

Anthea’s At The PYRNA Deli – OPEN DAY!

On Saturday the 23/04 the PYRNA Deli – OPEN DAY event took place with great success! A day-long celebration of food flavors, with special Greek products presented by all of us producers from different parts of our beautiful country! From early morning we prepared our counter which was filled with our beautiful products, and everyone’s reactions and support was really touching! Our pure Thyme Honey, our delicious organic Honey, Sesame and Almond Bars, our natural Sea Salt, Anthea’s Bee Elixir (honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly all in one!), our natural Beeswax Candles, our pure Beeswax Creams and our brand new natural Almond Body Scrub were all lined-up for you to taste and buy!



It was really such a lovely day , and we would like to thank everyone who came to support us ! A big thank you also goes to PYRNA not only for inviting us to participate but also for their excellent organization of the event !



About PYRNA:

PYRNA is a non-profit cultural civil association founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting the concept of lifelong learning and providing opportunities for the expansion of knowledge, personal development and creative entertainment for adults and children. In its beautiful building (43 Kokkinara Street) in Kifisia its hosts daily lectures, workshops, themed evenings, cooking classes, organized tours & excursions and recreational activities for children! Furthermore, the charitable activities organized by PYRNA with the participation of our fellow citizens!


The PYRNA Deli

Since December 2015 PYRNA operates its beautiful PYRNA Deli ! A unique deli shop which sells a selection of excellent quality Greek products , with the aim to highlight the Greek cuisine in Greece and abroad. Anthea’s natural Greek products are there available throughout the year, waiting for you to taste them!