This Christmas, we were honored to participate in the annual Bazaar organized by the volunteer group "The Ghosts of Aspropyrgos" in their great effort for the protection and care of stray animals.

The aim of everyone who participated was to actively support the extremely important work of this truly worthy group of volunteers, in order to save and help stray animals living in very poor and dangerous conditions….

This group of people, which consists predominantly of volunteer citizens, gives a daily battle in order to feed and relieve these stray animals which didn’t choose to live under these terrible, threatening conditions… In their weekly outings they are feeding a large number of strays and offering them the medical help they desperately need, while also running adoption programs in Greece and abroad.

As always, the support of the visitors was utterly moving. Many friends of the group visited the "small but charming basement" in Psyri and joined the solidarity and love celebrations for the stray souls of Aspropyrgos. People were given the chance to do their Christmas shopping, buy the traditional annual lottery tickets and were also informed about the beautiful stray animals that are up for adoption and looking for a forever home!




As it was rightly stated in the group’s event posters “Christmas without the GHOSTS cannot be… “ However during the difficult times that we live in and in order for such great volunteer efforts to continue, it is important for all of us to contribute –as much as we can-at all times. To find more information about the animals that are up for adoption, as well as more details regarding the work of the group “The Ghosts of Aspropyrgos” and the ways in which you too can help, please visit their Facebook page: