Anthea’s: An earthly paradise in your home!

Anthea’s: An earthly paradise in your home!

What is paradise? This is a difficult question to answer, but easier to imagine how you would imagine it to be. Anthea’s can help you unlock your imagination! A family business based on the island of Kea, which shows you how to live a healthy, organic life away from everyday stress!

The leading Greek writer, Nikos Kazantzakis said: "You have the brushes, you have the colors, paint paradise and get inside." So did four people from the city and decided to change their lives by creating their own earthly paradise on the westernmost inhabited island of the Cyclades, Kea or otherwise known as Tzia. Kalliope, Veroushka, Othon and Nikolas created Anthea's, a company producing natural Greek products which besides from its business dimension, reflects a lifestyle and a source of inspiration!

"Our goal, beyond the promotion of exceptional natural Greek products, is to spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness! To promote a positive mindset towards life and show the natural beauties of Greece and the island of Kea" Veroushka Georganti explains to gazzetta Plus, helping us understand even more Anthea’s identity and vision.

Anthea meaning blossom or flower in Greek, was an epithet of the Classical Greek Goddess Hera. Hera was the wife and one of the three sisters of Zeus (the King of Gods), the Olympian Queen of the Gods and the supreme Goddess of women, childbirth, fertility, family and marriage. So this family initiative couldn’t have a better brand name! A family, decides to withdrawn from the exhausting and painful pace of city life, and starts producing premium quality natural products, making them available for customers both within and outside Greece!

Why did you choose Kea as your base?

"Kea is an island located close to Athens with clean soil and groundwater! Both the soil and water have been carefully examined, and found free of chemical residues, with no risk therefore of contaminating our crops. In our overall effort, this is a prime rule for everything we grow!"

Speaking of crops, which are the products you are most proud of?

"Our honey is without any doubt at the top of our pyramid! A honey of excellent quality and nutritional value, with a magical aroma of thyme, produced with the utmost respect and love to the rich ecosystem of Kea and the seasonal cycles of nature. We collect it from our hives without the use of chemicals or harmful substances. Our honey is collected straight from the extractor, it is totally unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. In our brand new, state-of-the-art facilities in Mylopotamos, it is bottled under the strictest hygiene standards. In other words we invest in the quality and not the quantity of our products. In addition to our honey, I must mention our beloved Bee Elixir! An excellent natural product consisting of 50% honey, 46% pollen, 0.5% propolis and 3.5% royal jelly. It is a 100% natural super-food particularly beneficial for maintaining a strong immune system and a healthy body since it provides us with amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. From our beehives we also produce a wonderful natural beeswax candle, which smells of honey and natural beeswax pastes with balsam oil! Our prickly pears and our delicious almonds are also two products for which we are very proud of! The prickly pear is a magical fruit, rich in vitamins, inorganic minerals -which is nature’s medicine for diabetes type 2, as it contains a pectin which prevents the intestine from absorbing sugars and helps regulate the insulin. Our almonds are very different to what you have tasted in the past.They stand out for their sweet taste and are sold-out almost immediately!

Of course, Anthea's doesn’t stop there. When opening a jar filled with Anthea’s natural sea salt from the Greek island of Kythera, you feel as if you are wetting your face in the Greek sea! Another special product is Anthea’s amazing Balsam Oil, made of Extra Virgin Oil and organic St. John’s Wort Flowers! This is what the Spartan soldiers used to heal their wounds after their battles!

However, Anthea’s doesn’t just focus in her own range of products. Her people know that you must support, what is worth promoting. It is for this reason that they keep seeking partnerships with other Greek producers, who share the same love and quality standards for their products. As a result, Anthea’s has included in her range of products delicious lentils and chickpeas from the Thessalian plain and organic pistachios from the island of Aegina!

"We constantly look for successful partnerships. All the Greek producers we must join forces, because this is the only way to successfully export our beautiful products abroad”, Veroushka said to gazzetta Plus.

Have you started crossing the borders?

"Yes, although we are only in our second year of operation, we have started exporting our products to several countries within and outside the European Union and this fills us with great joy and pride! Our goal for 2016 is for our products to "travel" to even more countries around the world! "

In Greece where can we find you?

"At the moment the main way we supply our customers is via phone and email orders through our website! During the summer months our products are available in many Greek islands and we have already started working with selected delicatessen and organic shops in Athens!"

We have noticed that when you market your products, you also promote the Island of Kea.

"Of course! On the packaging of all our products that are produced in Kea, it is clearly stated that they come "from the island of Kea". Moreover, through our social media and our website, which we consider very important tools for our work, we promote not only our products, our fields and our beehives. There are also many photos and videos that highlight the beauties of Kea and our country in general, which everyone in Greece and abroad should get to know! ".

Although Anthea’s is only in the second year of operation, the company has shown a strong CSR profile. No one should turn his back on vulnerable social groups and stray animals, which are often recipients of brutal and heartless behaviors.

"Anthea's participated, for the first time, in this year’s Christmas Bazaar of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer “ELPIDA” (and ELPIDA YOUTH) which supports in the best possible way children who give their own daily battle with cancer. We also proudly participated in the annual Bazaar organized by the volunteer group “The Ghosts of Aspropyrgos” in their great effort for the protection and care of stray animals. In our minds, every company (big or small) should contribute as much as possible to our society, to vulnerable groups and stray animals. For us, it is a way of life and as we grow as a company, the more we will try to help people and animals around us, we owe it to ourselves and to the future generations," this is Anthea’s emotional message…

An impressive honey bottling unit!

“In Anthea’s facilities in the area of Mylopotamos in Kea island, we are operating our ultra-modern honey bottling unit! This ensures that the process of honey extraction, storage and bottling of all our bee products is made in accordance with EU Legislation, while at the same time our company has been certified with the ISO 22000:2005 for applying a food safety management system according to international standards. It is something that we are very proud of!”

Anthea's with a … (love) ISO

ISO 22000: 2005: An international standard which defines the requirements of a food safety management system and concerns all organizations involved in the food chain. However, in this case we are talking about something more than an important certification to a company for the quality of its facilities. It is the culmination of the love its people have for nature and the production or pure natural products. «From earth to you» is Anthea’s slogan on all its products!

A trip to…paradise!

At the beginning of this article, we said that Anthea's advocates a more healthy and natural lifestyle! Following the brand on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, it is certain that even if you are trapped in unbearable traffic jam, you will feel as if you have suddenly escaped from everything! Stunning colors and aromas grab your attention through Anthea’s photo lens. You will be magically transferred to places where Greek nature “paints a paradise” through its crystal clear waters, beautiful flowers and fields!
Anthea’s seems to blossom everyday, and bring its flowers to your lap. Embrace them and you will definitely become an active member of “Anthea’s World”- which is full of positive energy and nature’s harmony!

We would like to say a big thank you to gazzetta Plus and Panagiotis Dalatariof for the beautiful interview!